A Little History from Steve

Even before landing at William Carey International University in 2004 to do member care for staff, I was told about this couple that had “lots of needs due to health issues.” Both of them had had hepatitis C and serious back problems. Patti, the wife, had had breast cancer and then a radical mastectomy. Mike had had back surgery, and they were both on high doses of prescription narcotics. Then Patti started having falling episodes with resultant injuries. All of this was before I came.

Patti and Mike
After being so sick for so long Mike and Patti started to…

After my arrival, Patti had another fall in which cut her forehead badly; it required 40 stitches in the emergency room. In the process of trying to help Patti during the fall, Mike had reinjured his back. Within a couple of days, he was in bed in excruciating pain, hardly able to move. His normal pain medications did not help. He now needed assistance to go to the bathroom, to eat, to bathe, etc. Patti should have been the patient, and yet she was taking care of Mike. Two times he had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance because of unbearable pain.

By then I could see that their problems were related to two things…


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