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Our Little Market :: Private Food Club Application

Our Little Market

Private Food Club Application

First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
The following questions will help us determine if you would be a "good fit" for joining Our Little Market. Please answer as honestly as possible.
1. What member(s) introduced you to Our Little Market (OLM)?
2. Which best describes you?
I could easily volunteer at least 2.5 hours a month.
I’d have a hard time volunteering at least 2.5 hours a month.
I could probably volunteer at least 2.5 hours a month if I rearranged some things in my life.
3. Which best describes you now and in the future?
I'm an omnivore (eat fruit, vegetables, animal proteins).
I'm a vegetarian (eat fruit, vegetables, eggs, and dairy).
I'm a vegan (avoid all animal food products, eat only plant based foods).
I'm a carnivore (eat only animal proteins and fats).
4. Finish this sentence: "I think bacteria and germs
should be avoided whenever possible."
are the main cause of diseases today."
are necessary for a healthy immune system."
5. Finish the sentence: "I think modern medicine
is the main reason people live so long today."
has some short comings."
has many short comings."
is a leading cause of death in our society."
6. Which best describes you?
I try to eat organic foods as much as possible.
I only eat organic foods.
I don't care much if I eat organic or commercial foods.
7. What attracts you most to Our Little Market?
Inexpensive organic fruits and vegetables.
Clean meats, eggs, and dairy.
Cheap local raw honey.

Thank you so much for submitting this survey. We will get back to you soon, letting you know if we can invite you to join Our Little Market.